(Note: The MAP Agreement is to protect our Natural Products Store Retailers)

We  refused to allow Herbs For Life™ / Doctor's Blend™ products to be sold for less online than what our retailers sell them for in their store.  Our retailers have a overhead to pay and cannot compete with online website that abuse our MAP set prices.

1st step: fill out and agree to our MAP Agreement


Please complete this MAP Agreement below and email or fax to us after you place your first order.

Herbs For Life™ Doctor’s Blend™
​1200 East Walnut Ave, Dalton Georgia 30721
​Phone: 706-270-0199
Toll Free Phone & Fax: 1-888-688-2814
​Email: info@doctorsblend.com or info@herbsforlife.com

 For Retail Stores Only> free with your order of $100 - up: Counter display, posters and flyers.

2nd step: Place your order @ the Herbs For Life™ website 

PDF files for Doctor's Blend Retail Stores